Dr. Krasilovsky has been a physical therapist for over forty years.  He has recently retired from the position of  Department Chair of the Physical Therapy Program at Hunter College in NYC.  He earned his doctoral degree specializing in the study of abnormal movement at New York University.  Clinical experience includes many areas of clinical practice in physical therapy, with prior emphasis on the diagnosis and management of patients with various neurological and neuromuscular conditions. 

In 2012, he earned certification as a Schroth Scoliosis Therapist and now his practice primarily specializes in the conservative management of scoliosis utilizing the Schroth (TM)  based method developed in Germany. 

In January, 2017, Dr. Krasilovsky completed Level 1 education in the SEAS: Scientific Exercise Approach to Scoliosis which was developed in Italy.

In March, 2020 he completed a course by Dr. Jean Claude De Mauroy on "The Lyon Method" of scoliosis management.  He has also audited the training course based on the Barcelona School of Physical Therapy for Scoliosis (BSPTS). 

His practice is primarily based in Fairfield County, Connecticut providing  one-on-one therapy to the client and family of individuals with scoliosis.  Sessions are typically an hour in duration in the client's home, however, with Covid-19, I have been successful in working with clients via Tele-health.  Dr. Krasilovsky is licensed in CT, NY and Oregon and can work with clients in those states.  He is fully vaccinated and available for Zoom sessions during COVID and willing to see clients in person if they are fully vaccinated and wear masks when indoors in public areas. 

In order to have a positive outcome in the management of scoliosis, there are multiple key components:

  • I will educate the client and family members to provide comprehensive knowledge and understanding about scoliosis.
  • As your coach and therapist, I will work with you to enhance your motivation to take control of the outcome.
  • By working together, you will the have the opportunity to be successful in achieving your goals.  

Scoliosis:  Is a lateral curvature of the spine.  Most individuals who develop this lateral curve of the spine have what is called an idiopathic scoliosis, since the cause is unknown.  

Schroth Physical Therapy provided by Gary Krasilovsky, PT, PhD, SST

Specializing in the conservative management of scoliosis based upon the

Schroth (TM)  method. 

Dr. Krasilovsky is a proud LIfetime Member of the American Physical Therapy Association. 

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Who will benefit?

The Schroth (TM) method of treatment for scoliosis has a strong evidence base.  The Scoliosis Research Society has recently endorsed the concept of the conservative management of scoliosis as being appropriate in the management of this disorder.  It is no longer acceptable to follow the "wait and see" approach in the management of scoliosis. 

  • Children and pre-teens with a spinal curve of greater than 10 degrees should be treated
  • Adolescents with a spinal curve greater than 10 degrees, especially prior to their growth spurts must receive comprehensive management.  The above two groups of individuals are at a high risk for progression of their spinal curves. 
  • Adults with chronic scoliosis or adult onset scoliosis. 
  • If in doubt, ask.  A phone consultation is a first good step.  It's never to late to initiate an intervention.  Six months or a year later, the symptoms will probably still be present or worse.