Schroth Physical Therapy provided by Gary Krasilovsky, PT, PhD, SST

Specializing in the conservative management of scoliosis based upon the

Schroth (TM)  method. 

This page was started in June, 2019. 

     "I worked with Dr. Krasilovsky before and after my surgery for scoliosis. Pre-surgery, we worked on postural awareness and strengthening, which I feel contributed to my smooth surgical recovery. Post-surgery, we focused on continuing to improve posture, mobility, and strength. After each session, Dr. Krasilovsky provided an individualized, detailed list of exercises that would address my muscular and postural imbalances. I would recommend him to anyone dealing with scoliosis-related issues, whether it be to treat symptoms non-surgically or to improve surgical outcome."  Westport client


      "Gary Krasilovsky PT is an excellent provider - My 12 daughter has been seeing Dr. K in our home for about a year for a diagnosed scoliosis and back pain. Dr. K's thoughtful and gentle approach was a wonderful fit. He showed and practiced Schroth PT exercises with her and along with pictures, practice and followup, she can now move with greater strength & flexibility, 0 back pain and a reduction in her curvature while growing 3 inches. We are grateful to Dr. Krasilovsky for his wealth of knowledge of her condition and innovative, effective methods of treatment.  Amy A., Stamford, CT."

      "Gary was mentioned to us from my daughter’s physician at Columbia. There are very few people well-trained in the Schroth method for scoliosis, so it was a pleasure to find Gary. We also loved the convenience of having the appointments at our home. Gary is always on-time and pleasant. My daughter enjoys working with him also. He is incredibly knowledgeable in many areas and can work on various conditions. He even helped my older daughter with a neck issue.  I would highly recommend him to anyone seeking these services." 
Westport, CT.


     “My daughter was diagnosed with scoliosis at the age of 12 by Yale University.  She went from an 8 degree curve to a 19 degree curve is 6 months so my husband and I knew we had to take a more aggressive approach.  We chose to work with a surgeon in Massachusetts that works with the Wood Rigo Cheneau brace but also recommends regular Schroth therapy for his scoliosis patients.  This is what led us to Dr. K.  I was not too keen on bringing my daughter to a hospital for her therapy; Dr. K comes top your home, which appealed to me much more.  When I called to chat with him about my daughter, he was very knowledgeable on the brace I chose and after working with him in my home, clearly also very knowledgeable on the treatment of scoliosis and the best exercises for my daughter.  Dr. K worked with her on a regular basis until she was ready for her first in brace X-ray.  That X-ray was taken about 12 weeks after she started working with Dr. K and 8 weeks after she started wearing her WRC brace.  The results were more than what we could have hoped for: an essentially corrected spine that is actually showing signs of "over correction,” which is EXACTLY what her surgeon wanted see.  We were thrilled!  The course of action now will be to continue to be braced in conjunction with her Schroth therapy until she has finished growing.  Ands that is exactly what we are going to do!
     Dr. K has been a pleasure to work with during this entire process.  He is very patient, very good with children, but also very good at working with parents and getting them on the best path for their children.  Scoliosis is a condition that requires consistency and diligence but also the right course of bracing and physical therapy.  Dr. K is familiar with all of this and will be a wonderful source of information and well as reassurance to both child and parents.  Plus, he comes to your home which was so key for us as our child could learn the exercises at her own pace and in her own environment.  He is a great teacher and person.  We are very very thankful for all his help and will continue to have him work with our daughter until her spine is perfectible stable and STRAIGHT!
Carmela, Fairfield Mom
Fairfield, CT”

"Dr. Krasilovsky is a pleasure to work with.  He takes pictures of your spine and develops a customized program for you.  It is never to late to get relief.
Marilyn O."


"Dr. K provides a comprehensive assessment, a wealth of knowledge and an easy to follow, individualized treatment program to address pediatric scoliosis.  Providing services in our home, was not just easier for our crazy schedules, but was significantly more comfortable for my 12-year-old daughter, and allowed a unique ability to individualize her treatment program for maximum generalization and carry-over.  Exercises were well articulated, and were followed up with individualized pictures and great written detail to ensure comprehension and consistency over time, which I am happy to say contributed to very positive results in a short amount of time.  Thank you Dr. K!..............

Heather and Family, Fairfield, CT"


"Dr. Krasilovsky is the best part of my daughter’s scoliosis diagnosis.  
     After our orthopedist suggested Schroth therapy, I searched the internet to find a practitioner near me.  The closest therapist was a four hour drive away.  I noticed that Dr. K made home visits, which are unusual in the medical world.  I emailed him to see if he might be up for a creative solution—Schroth therapy by teleconferencing.  I was thrilled when he agreed to try it.  Dr. K told us about what we would need for therapy, and we assembled our therapy area.  As my daughter does the exercises, I adjust the camera to give him the views that he needs.  Dr. K’s expertise and years of experience allow him to be able to check her exercise technique and make adjustments without needing to be in the room with us.  When we add an exercise requiring a specific aid we do not have (like rice bags or belts), Dr. K sends me links for the items for me to order online.  I take photos of my daughter doing the exercises, and he includes those in the exercise guide (home program) he edits and sends after each visit.  He is highly skilled, and I appreciate his willingness to use technology to allow us the opportunity for our daughter to have Schroth therapy.
     Dr. K knows how to motivate and encourage a teen.  No matter how distracted my daughter is, or how speedily she tries to get through her exercises, Dr. K meets her where she is and inspires her.  While I don’t know that my daughter would say that her Schroth therapy is “fun,” Dr. K uses humor and keeps her engaged in the process.  He also answers all of her questions about therapy, bracing, and scoliosis in general.  He is concerned for her state of being and her overall progress, not just for the Schroth exercises.  He tracks her bone age, curve measurements, daily time in the brace, and other data, and uses it to guide his choice of exercises as well as his choice of “pep talks” for my daughter.  
     We turn to Dr. K to answer our questions more often than we turn to our orthopedist.  Right after the diagnosis, Dr. K educated me about scoliosis, treatment options, and brace types.  He answered my questions, helped me navigate the world of bracing, and helped me find the best option for my daughter.  He even spoke to our orthotist to make sure we were getting a brace with the best possible correction for her.  He has used his wealth of knowledge to help guide us through the treatment process at each step of the way.  He makes sure I know what questions to ask at our medical appointments, and he answers questions I may have about bracing, x-rays, and treatment expectations.  
     I highly recommend Dr. K.  He’s not just a Schroth therapist, he is a kind, creative, and caring advocate for our whole family.

Jill G. "

Dr. K was a Godsend to my daughter (and to me)! We felt very overwhelmed with her scoliosis diagnosis and the need to start therapy ASAP. On top of that, it’s very hard to find a TRUE experienced Schroth Method specialist, especially one who would come to our home!! Given that Dr. K worked with us in our home made PT so easy and sustainable for us, as we have 4 children and a lot of busy schedules!

Dr. K  was so knowledgeable and made the entire process painless! After only a few sessions, he devised a comprehensive exercise/stretch regimen for my daughter to do on a regular basis on her own, and even offered to do Zoom sessions, should she feel she needed them! He is warm, friendly, approachable, respectful, professional, and affordable. We love Dr. K!   Greenwich Family.


Dr. Krasilovsky is probably one of the finest physical therapist I’ve ever worked with. He is thorough—for example he asked for a full spine x-ray which in all my years of experience with physical therapists was never required.  However even more importantly he has truly helped relieve
my  symptoms.  He immediately communicates all of his instructions clearly and with photographs. He’s “one in a million”. 

A very grateful Jean.


Dr. Krasilovsky was a God send for us! My daughter has a birth defect that causes decreased muscle tone and a syndromic scoliosis. She was diagnosed at age 5 and referred for growing rods at that time. We worked hard to find alternative methods to delay the surgery. We found Dr. Krasilovsky, after trying PT, horseback riding, gymnastics, rock climbing and a dynamic bracing system applied by a chiropractor. I randomly reached out to Gary because I couldn’t find a local Schroth practitioner and wanted to see if I could audit the Schroth training course to learn how to treat my daughter (I am a licensed veterinarian with certification in veterinary rehabilitation). Gary called almost immediately after I emailed and offered to see us at his office in NYC. We planned a long weekend and he evaluated her and developed a treatment plan for us to follow. He also introduced us to the Rigo-Cheneau brace, which helped our daughter delay her surgery for at least 3 more years. Ultimately, we had to do spinal fusion, but she was 11 yrs old and capable of owning and managing her recovery. The surgeon has since commended us for our efforts to delay the procedure. She is currently 16 yrs old, about 5’1”, straight, comfortable and still rock climbing and horseback riding. Thanks Dr. Krasilovsky for your kind support, guidance and treatment through a stressful time in our lives!

Dr. Michelle Rupp, Peter and Emily Habeeb


My 15 year old daughter worked with Dr Krasilovsky to help her stabilize her scoliosis. We had a great experience with him. He is very knowledgeable and experienced and had a very nice manner when dealing with us. He came to our house and worked with my daughter in a very easy and relaxed way explaining very precisely how the exercises should be performed and followed up to ensure she understood them correctly.  All three curves were reduced since she started working with Dr. K and now she is considered stable and on self maintenance. 

Greenwich Family.