Goals of Conservative Management of Scoliosis: 

  • Stabilize curve progression and/or reduction of spinal curve(s)
  • Assist patient (and possibly family members) in active management of scoliosis incorporated within their lifestyle
  • Reduce pain (if present)
  • Improve body image
  • Improve respiratory function, strength and endurance
  • Other goals as determined by the patient/family

Dr. Krasilovsky is licensed in Connecticut, New York and Oregon.  There are many Schroth trained PT's in NY, so his priority is providing services to clients in CT or OR. 

Prior to the initial evaluation/treatment session, please try to obtain the following (these can be emailed to me prior to our first session: 

  • Prescription for Physical Therapy
  • Copy of your most recent report from your referring physician.
  • Digital files of full spinal xray(s)
  • If new xrays or follow up xrays are being requested, I recommend using EOS Machines, which are low dose radiation compared to traditional xrays.  HSS Westchester (White Plains) is the closest location.
  • Any other relevant orthopedic reports or medical histories.

Initially, I prefer working with each client at least once/week.  Each session builds on the previous session until a full home program is developed and performed correctly and independently.  After each session, I develop/revise a printed and electronic version of a program using pictures and text to describe each "exercise" or postural correction. 

Professional Services include a comprehensive approach to the evaluation and management of scoliosis

My goal is to assist you and your family in managing your scoliosis while engaging in a full and productive lifestyle.   Exercises are developed specifically based upon the evaluation and the goals stated above.  These are not typical physical therapy exercises, and are a component of the overall management.  Postural awareness and correction are also very important, and if appropriate, use of a specific type of brace is necessary for optimal results.  Incorporating this program into your activities of daily living is extremely important.  The adolescent or adult with scoliosis must be motivated to participate actively in this program.  I consider my role ultimately as your coach in managing this condition.   

Initial Session Includes:

  • Orientation to the Schroth 3D Management of Scoliosis
  • History and review of x-rays and prior treatment (if any)
  • Detailed scoliosis evaluation
  • Review of findings and patient/family education including Q&A session
  • Development of an initial home exercise program using photographs and/or video for education and guidance

Schroth Physical Therapy provided by Gary Krasilovsky, PT, PhD, SST

Specializing in the conservative management of scoliosis based upon the

Schroth (TM)  method.